We support the nature of man

Our philosophy is to promote health and well-being with valuable products. Our company, YES FOR WINNERS VERTRIEBS GMBH, is located in the green heart of Eastern Styria. We have pursued our ideals since 1999, with the help of our dedicated team. In this way, we have brought our Yes-natural cosmetics and our Yes-activated products to international success.

Andullation therapy in the home

We are constantly evolving and are open to innovations in health care. That is why we are now offering you Yesline quality products for a unique and holistic feeling of well-being. True recuperation begins with our patented massage systems and the unique Andullation therapy. Throughout the world, health conscious people, athletes, patients with chronic pain and people with high mental and physical stress have already discovered this innovative type of therapy for themselves

yesline - Massage-Products

Orthopaedic mattresses for perfect sleeping comfort

The deep relaxation continues with our Visco Silver mattresses and pillows or our strictly tested Yesline orthopaedic mattresses. Tested and developed by doctors and therapists, our Yesline products are able to promote and support your health holistically.

yesline - Sleeping-Systems