Innovative massage in the home

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8. May 2014

Innovative massage in the home


The yesline massagers can do more than just massage. With infrared and high frequency massage, they offer real help for chronic pain, tension or circulatory disorders and may also be used to increase performance – easily at home.

One third of all those at work suffer from severe back problems, according to the Austrian Statistics Office. About one-fifth of all employees regularly feel tension in the neck, shoulders and hands. This usually results in many visits to the doctor and expensive therapy sessions. With Yesline massage products, help for this can now be given at home quite easily. Because these high-quality devices have a unique effect and completely innovative therapeutic approach.

Effective therapy at home

Andullation therapy is the secret that is not only used for chronic back problems, tension and pain but also to increase the performance of athletes. A mix of infrared heat and high-frequency vibration massage enables blood and lymph to oscillate at the cellular level. This stimulates important metabolic processes in the body, improves the circulation, relieves tension and transports toxins and waste substances from the body.

From Massage Sofa to Massage Mattress

Whether it is a massage sofa, massage table, massage pillow or massage mattress – the massage modes can be set individually in each case. The zones of the massage equipment can be controlled individually. Different vibration frequency ranges act on different regions and at depth on different organs. Andullation therapy is also useful for stress reduction and prevention. Those who start early with it may well be spared aches and pains later on.

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