Orthopaedic mattresses for maximum sleeping comfort

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7. May 2014
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9. May 2014

Orthopaedic mattresses for maximum sleeping comfort


The yesline sleep systems convince customers with their excellent functionality. The orthopaedic mattresses and pillows are domestic dust mite-proof, hypoallergenic and make sleep into a real recuperation. That gives overnight regeneration.

A good bed means a good rest. According to a survey commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Health, Family and Youth, almost a third of all men and women over the age of 45 suffer from sleep problems. For women over 60 years of age, this rises to over 40%. This can result in fatigue, stress, concentration problems or headaches. Often the mattress is to blame for the nighttime restlessness.

Mattresses and pillows for allergy sufferers

With yesline sleep systems, you will always be lying correctly. Because Yesline mattresses are visco-elastic and made of high quality cold foam. The mattress relieves pressure points on the shoulders, pelvic area or heel and distributes it over the entire surface. This gives one a feeling of weightlessness, even before going to sleep.  Thanks to the silver threads in the pillows and mattresses dust mites have no chance. Therefore Yesline sleep systems are also ideally suited for allergy sufferers, babies and toddlers.

Mattresses with merino wool

yesline sleep systems are made from the best materials and provide an ideal sleeping environment. This technique based on modern sleep research allows moisture and heat to escape because of its ventilating properties. The orthopaedic mattress scores with its natural Merino wool. This particularly soft wool from the Merino sheep acts as an additional moisture regulator. Incidentally, many hotels are already equipped with Yesline Sleeping Systems. For hoteliers know that guests who sleep as well as if they were on a cloud are happy to come back.



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